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5 Steps for Salespeople During COVID-19 Social Distancing

Wow! Social distancing? That says it all in the weird times we now find ourselves in as sales professionals. There are things you can do to still thrive; here are 5 steps for salespeople during COVID-19. What could be more crushing for the sales industry than an order from the government preventing meeting with prospects…

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So, You Want to be an Insurance Agent? (Part 3)

For me, in hindsight, entering the field of insurance was a no-brainer as you’ll see in part three of this series. So, you want to be an insurance agent? That was a tough question for me during the financially challenging years. I had quit a job as a gas station manager, to accept a new…

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A Career in Insurance May Be Right For You (Part 2)

This blog post is part two of a series explaining why I became an insurance agent and, why I encourage others to consider a career in insurance. If you’re like me, then these things were on my mind when I was deciding to become an insurance agent: You’re wondering if you can find success, fulfillment,…

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Why I Chose to become an Insurance Agent (Part 1)

Some people may wonder why I chose to be an insurance agent. For more than 30 years the insurance industry has put food on my family’s table, shoes and clothes on them, an above-average roof over our heads, reliable transportation, a little cushion in the bank, opportunities to travel, too many friends to count, professional…

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